ADR services allow clients to achieve their goals by employing alternate methods to the “traditional” adversarial litigation model for resolving disputes.  It can often result in reduced legal expenses and emotional drama. As part of their practice, the attorneys will help you determine if any of these alternative methods are the right fit for your situation.   

Collaborative divorce is gaining popularity as an alternative to the traditional model of divorce with a goal to place the parties in control of their outcome.  With the collaborative process, parties can streamline their case and achieve results that work for their family, using a specialized process that is specifically geared to address the unique aspects of a family. 

Amy Stikovich will be participated in Collaborative Divorce Training in 2021. Click here to learn more about the Collaborative process.

The Summary Proceeding process is a change in the law under the Michigan Court Rules that allows parties to petition for a divorce together. Amy Stikovich is familiar with this law and has been trained in the process for the local courts to use to implement it in real life.  

Mediation is an option for those who want to find a solution to their problem in a positive, creative way.  Mediation can be used in connection with litigation or it can help resolve issues so that litigation is not necessary.  Our firm is fortunate to have two trained mediators: Claire Forster and Amy Stikovich. Amy Stikovich has also completed several sessions of Advanced Mediator Training through Northern Community Mediation.